New YouTube videos of 5 Pieces of Astor Piazzolla

Great news! I have recently posted 5 new studio-recorded videos to my youtube channel. The videos are performances of my arrangements of some of the most loved compositions by Astor Piazzolla.

To view them on you can click the following link: Piazzolla Videos

. . . or view them on my Audio and Video page from the link above

If you are a member of the you can also see them there.

My book of Piazzolla for Solo Vibraphone

(as of 04/24/2024) I am currently working with a publisher to get my collection of the music of Astor Piazzolla arranged for solo vibraphone published. Watch this space for details and an announcement when the book becomes available.

The arrangements are from medium to very difficult level. They will make excellent recital or concert pieces for vibraphonists. The book is thoroughly annotated with information on Astor Piazzolla, performance notes, the arrangements, and an appendix listing bibliography and other resources. Links to the source recordings used to create these arrangements is also included.

Blog Paging Coming Soon

I will be adding a blog page soon as well. I have seen some great jazz performers since I arrived in Jacksonville and will be blogging about great performances that I have seen and the vibraphone in general. I also will have some of my sheet music posted for purchase soon.


Jerry Weir is a vibraphonist and marimba player. For over 10 years he was the vibraphonist for Mauricio De Souza's Bossa Brasil, a band led by Mauricio De Souza, an extraordinary drummer from Brasilia. During that time he appeared on 3 CD's recorded by the group that received much airplay in the NY/NJ area. With Bossa Brasil he played many gigs at NYC/NY jazz clubs such as the Blue Note, Trumpets, Bar Next Door, Delta's, The Wine Bar, Papillon 25, and others. The band also performed at several jazz festivals including the NJPAC Summer Festival, St. Peter's Church Midday Jazz, Long Branch Jazz Festival, Morristown Jazz Festival, and others.

In addition to his work with Bossa Brasil Jerry was a favorite sideman of many bands at Trumpet's Jazz Club in Montclair, NJ. His appearances there include gigs with Dave Stryker, Ted Curson, Anna Maria Mannarino, Dave Morrish, and others. He was a popular guest with the Ted Curson's group at his Trumpet's Jam Sessions.

Jerry fell in love with the sound of the vibraphone the first time he heard the album Crystal Silence by vibraphone great Gary Burton while in high school. Already on a percussion and drum set path he attended the University of Iowa and studied percussion with Thomas L. Davis and Steven Schick. It was there that his interest in the vibraphone intensified while hanging out night after night in Mr. Davis's office playing along with Gary Burton albums on the stereo. After 2 years at U. of I. he left school and returned to Omaha, Nebraska where he was raised (actually in Carter Lake, Iowa which is right next to it) and fell into a very active jazz scene although mostly playing drum set. While playing drums for lots of jazz gigs, shows, jingles, and tours he also auditioned for the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and became a regular with the orchestra.

Although he loved the drums and percussion he found himself drawn more and more to the vibraphone and decided to audition for Manhattan School of Music in NYC because David Friedman was teaching there. He had been playing music full time for 2 years in Omaha when he was accepted at MSM and decided to head for NY.

Upon arriving in New York he first studied with Ian Finkel, world's greatest xylophone virtuoso. It was with Ian that he realized how much work he had to do and how serious the NY music scene is. In addition, somewhere along the timeline from acceptance at MSM and when school started, David Friedman stopped teaching at the school. So, while studying xylophone and mallets with Ian he began studying orchestral percussion with Fred Hinger, principal timpanist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

After his first year at MSM he began studying privately with David Friedman. David was a great inspiration and was very active and visible on the NY jazz scene at the time. Joe Locke and Dave Samuels were also very active at the time and he saw them perform as often as he could in addition to taking vibraphone/marimba lessons with both of them. He took every opportunity to go see Joe Locke play and took a couple of lessons with him while working as a temp worker in Wall Street investment banks. Later, about the time his first son was born, he began taking lessons with Dave Samuels. Dave was a great inspiration as well as he was one of the most musical of vibraphonists and always had time for vibraphone talk and casual conversation.

During his New York years, Jerry played many jazz gigs as a drummer as well as a vibraphonist. He also played many off-broadway shows, orchestral concerts, nightclub acts and a couple of musical tours. He was percussionist for the contemporary music group the Musicians Accord for several seasons and premiered new composers works with that group during his tenure.

Currently, Jerry resides in Ponte Vedra, FL and has yet to get his musical life into gear as he makes his living as a Software Engineer. But, the music is always close to his heart and mind and believes that there are many musical opportunities in the Jacksonville, FL area and looks forward to becoming part of the scene.

Study and Teachers:

  • Vibraphone and Marimba: David Friedman, Dave Samuels, Joe Locke, Thomas L. Davis, James Preiss
  • Xylophone: Ian Finkel and Fred Hinger
  • Jazz Piano and Harmony: Garry Dial
  • Drums and Timpani: Luigi Waites, Joe Voda, Fred Hinger

Schools Attended:

  • Manhattan School of Music
  • University of Iowa


I plan to have gigs to post here very soon. I am just starting to get into the music scene here in Jacksonville, FL and hope to be filling up this page in the near future.

Press and Discography

Bossa Brasil captured live at Galeria West in Westfield, NJ in 2016. This recording features Jerry along with Mauricio de Souza (leader and drums), Gary Mazzaroppi (bass), and Dmitry Baevsky (alto). Jerry received high praise in the review from Chris Slawecki at

"No disrespect intended, but vibraphonist Jerry Weir plays so sympathetically with the other musicians in the quartet pieces that keyboards might sound redundant. "Vera Cruz" seems to rise like a mountain through his vibes' sound cloud, and "Chovendo Na Roseira" nestles to rest upon the sonic pillow of the ensembles' harmonized keyboard, saxophone and vibes sound. Vibes lead the way as the band rips through Jobim's "Red Blouse" with jumping and inviting tones. Throughout this set, Weir demonstrates all the funk and finesse of mallet masters Gary Burton and Victor Feldman. " - Chris Slawecki,

Maurício de Souza's "Trajetórias" (Pitoca Music, 2016), is available at CD Baby, most online stores, and live performances.

Bossa Brasil's second recording featuring a fine line-up of musicians led by extraordinary drummer and leader Mauricio de Souza. Released in 2013 on Pulsa Music it feature the following musicians: Maurício de Souza (drums), Mike Stern (guitar), Sharel Cassity (alto, soprano, and tenor saxes, flute), Gregory Gisbert (trumpet/flugelhorn), Marc Copland, Miho Nobuzane, and Ben Winkelman (piano), Jerry Weir (vibes), John Lee and Gary Mazzaroppi (electric and acoustic bass respectively). The CD is available at CDBABY, most online stores, and live performances.:

"Pianist Marc Copland and vibraphonist Jerry Weir smooth things harmonically with bassist Gary Mazzaroppi. " - C. MICHAEL BAILEY,

"Brazilian favorites include Jobim’s “Viva Sonhando” (featuring smooth and swinging performances by Stern and Winkelman), Edu Lobo’s “Ponteio” (with Weir’s striking solo and a stellar contribution by Mazzaroppi)" - Marcia Hillman, New York City Jazz Record

Maurício de Souza's "Different Directions" (Pulsa Music, 2013), is available at CD Baby, most online stores, and live performances.

Bossa Brasil's debut recording featuring a fine line-up of musicians led by extraordinary drummer and leader Mauricio de Souza. Released in 2010 on Pulsa Music it features the following musicians: Mauricio De Souza (drums), Mike Stern (guitar), Andrew Beals (alto saxophone), Gregory Rivkin (trumpet, flugelhorn), Noah Haidu (piano), Carl Viggiani (piano); Jerry Weir (vibraphone), and Morrie Louden (bass). The CD is available at CDBABY, most online stores, and live performances.:

"The title song, the only original track, features vibraphonist Jerry Weir, trumpeter Gregory Rivkin and saxophonist Andrew Beals. " - Woodrow Wilkins,

Maurício de Souza's "Here. There..." (Pulsa Music, 2010), is available at CD Baby, most online stores, and live performances.

Jazz Drummer and composer wrote many beautiful and swinging tunes for this 1995 release. Kuni is a fine drummer from Japan and all the music on this CD was written by him. The band consisted of Kuni (drums and composer), Yoshinobu Kiuchi (tenor sax), Jerry Weir (vibraphone), Mark McCarron (guitar), and Toshitaka Shiratori (bass). This CD is no longer available:

"Vibist (Jerry) Weir is fleet and nimble on the uptempo numbers and delicately crystalline on the ballads. " - Robert Iannapollo, Cadence Magazine

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to check availability for gigs at the following email address:

I have extensive experience in teaching vibraphone, marimba, and xylophone and especially welcome jazz vibraphone students. I am located south of Jacksonville, FL in a town called Ponte Vedra. Feel free to contact me regarding rates or to set up a sample lesson. I plan to make video lessons available soon - but not ready yet!